Zambi - Hype Woman and Photographer

My name is Zambi and I have had a passion for photography since I was a child. In 2010 I modeled for my first boudoir shoot and knew I had found my calling: I wanted to be a boudoir photographer. I wanted to help people see their beauty, love the skin they are in, gain confidence, conquer their fears, reach their goals, and live each moment to the fullest. I have Associate’s Degrees in General Studies, Graphic Design, and Applied Science for Photography as well as being a graduate of the Stripped Down course that enables me to elicit the most emotion from my subjects. I am a member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers, Professional Photographers of America, and Uncensored BouDIY Community. While talent is the most important quality in a photographer, these distinctions show my care and dedication not only to my craft but to you as the model.

What is Boudoir? When many people hear the word “boudoir” they think of high heels, feathered gowns, and perfectly coiffed hair. While this is absolutely a valid representation of boudoir photography, it is only one side of what I do. Boudoir is all about feeling empowered, sensual, and fierce. Whether that means softness of a playful set featuring flowers, lingerie, and bathtubs, intensely bold images with leather, shadows, and bondage, or something in-between, is entirely up to you. I am here to help you capture YOUR vision of confidence and esteem; not mine, the media, or anyone else.

Another misconception is that boudoir shoots are only for women or feminine presenting people. I whole-heartedly disagree. I say ALL BODIES are meant to be photographed, loved, appreciated, and recognized for their distinct beauty regardless of gender identity or expression. I enjoy not only shooting single subjects but have done photo sessions with couples and groups as well. Do you want to have some sexy images just for yourself? Would you like to capture some sensual images with your spouse? Or perhaps you want to record the relationships you have with multiple partners? I am proud to offer my services to aid in documenting the special and unique love you share without concern of judgement.

My Motto/Philosophy: “Say Something Nice About Yourself!” There is already so much negativity and stress in our daily lives so why add to it with negative self-talk? While bad days happen, we still need to be kind to ourselves and show ourselves love and positivity. That is my goal. To help you recognize that your body, and EVERY body, deserves to feel powerful, sexy, strong, and self-assured no matter the gender expression, race, sexuality, body type, age, or weight.

You may be thinking “I don’t look like a model” or “I’m not confident enough for a photo shoot like this.” First things first, stop that negativity and SAY SOMETHING NICE ABOUT YOURSELF. Now, throw away all those thoughts. I am not just here to take your picture and send you on your way. Thanks to my many years of experience and the fact I have been on both sides of the camera, I can help you look and feel your absolute best! I utilize set design, intentional lighting, pose coaching, and reinforcing affirmations to help bring out your special strengths. I will do everything in my power to ensure that you leave your session feeling like you can conquer the world, BECAUSE YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN.


Award Winning Photography

The Studio

My Old Colorado City boudoir photography studio
photographs like a dream!

Whether you crave a dark and sexy session, or want something soft and romantic, this studio has amazing light. Together we can create images you’ll fall in love with!

My studio has always been a space where clients have experienced the freedom to be vulnerable without judgement. It’s a place everyone can see themselves differently and really learn to appreciate the person they see in the mirror. If you’re feeling like you need a pick-me-up, or ready to do something just for you, let’s get the ball rolling! If you’ve been considering doing a boudoir session, I would love to welcome you to the studios.
Let’s create some jaw-dropping images together!

Hair and Make up


Hazel has been a working hair wizard for the last ten years and is a Colorado Springs local of more than 30 years.
She specializes in color, blonding, extensions and merrymaking.


Professional makeup artist of over 18 years and licensed esthetician. Specializing in bridal, studio & outdoor photography, education, live production/video, global beauty and most importantly making every person feel as amazing as they look! Even if you just want to look amazing for a date night this is your artist.