Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, where we aim to provide all the answers you need to make your boudoir photography experience truly enchanting. Delve into our carefully curated list of commonly asked questions to learn more about the art of boudoir photography, our services, and how we strive to create a safe, empowering, and unforgettable journey for every client. Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned enthusiast, we're here to guide you through the process and ensure your boudoir session is a celebration of your unique beauty and self-expression. Let's unravel the magic together!

What does a typical Anm Boudoir session look like?

Once you've booked your boudoir session, get ready for an abundance of helpful information to make your experience extraordinary! You'll receive a comprehensive guide filled with tips on preparing for your session, shopping suggestions, and everything else you may need. Here's a sneak peek into how a typical boudoir session unfolds:

1. Arrive at one of our favorite salons and be pampered by our talented hair and makeup artist.

2. Head to the studio to meet with Zambi, where we'll discuss the outfits and props you've brought, as well as your goals for the session.

3. Let the photo session begin! We'll have a blast capturing your beauty and empowering essence.

4. After the session, head home feeling like the incredible human you are! Your images will be edited, a process that usually takes around 10 days.

5. Once editing is complete, you'll have the pleasure of selecting your favorite images and customizing the perfect package tailored just for you!

While there are more delightful details to our day, we're thrilled to share this little tidbit with you all!

Do you Provide Hair and Makeup?

Hair and makeup services are available at our favorite salon. Please note that appointments booked with less than 30 days notice do not guarantee the provision of hair and makeup. Occasionally, we offer specialty sessions without hair and makeup due to space limitations. Rest assured, if such a situation arises, we will be transparent about it and gladly provide recommendations to our favorite artists!

Do you provide wardrobe options?

Our primary aim is to ensure your utmost comfort during the session. Imagine trying to fit into lingerie that isn't yours and doesn't quite match your size - that wouldn't make anyone feel sexy, right? We want you to feel confident and beautiful, so please bring attire you love and feel fabulous wearing.

What should I bring to my session?

Here are my recommendations for the session:

1. Bring 3-4 different lingerie outfits.

2. Feel free to bring any props you'd like to use, such as books, pearls, heels, coffee mug, stuffed animals, musical instruments, or anything else you fancy – props add a unique touch!

3. Come with a positive attitude and be open to being vulnerable; we encourage you to have a blast and enjoy the experience to the fullest!

Do I have to wear lingerie?


If you're inclined towards a glamorous approach with a dress, envisioning a shoot reminiscent of Vanity Fair magazine, we can absolutely make that happen. On the other hand, if you'd rather wear a man's shirt, don your partner's favorite sports jersey, a cozy big sweater, a ripped T-shirt with jeans, utilize a sheet, or even embrace a more au naturel style, we are completely flexible and supportive of your choices. Our main objective is to help you look and feel beautiful in a way that aligns with your preferences – whatever that may be, that's precisely what we'll capture during the session. Your comfort and satisfaction are paramount!

Can I keep my photos private?

At our studio, consent is of utmost importance, and we never share any images without explicit permission. Rest assured, all the photos featured on this website have been used with consent from each individual depicted. You have the freedom to keep your images entirely private, permit us to use pictures that do not reveal your face, or even allow us to share them openly. Your choices and preferences regarding image sharing are fully respected and honored.

I don't identify as a woman, will you work with me?

Yes! How ever you identity - You are welcome!
Women. Men. Non-Binary. Couples.
Boudoir is for all bodies!

I don't LOVE every part of my body - any advise

Before your session, we'll have a conversation to address any insecurities you may have. While we firmly believe in the beauty of all bodies, we understand that the journey to body positivity isn't always straightforward, and it may have several stopping points along the way. Our primary objective is to assist you in reaching a place of at least neutral acceptance with your body and provide you with valuable tools to continue moving towards a more positive and fulfilling sense of self.

Do you photo shop my images?

When I edit your images, my focus is on achieving excellent color balance, optimizing light, and refining exposure. For skin retouching, I only apply light touches if you specifically request it. My aim is to ensure that my clients still look like their beautiful selves, just with a touch of added polish. I am not a proponent of heavy warping or body alterations, as I firmly believe in promoting self-love and embracing one's true self.

However, I understand that we can be overly critical of ourselves, so if there are specific additional edits you desire, I am more than happy to provide them for an extra fee of $50 per photo. My ultimate goal is to deliver images that you adore, tailored precisely to your preferences.

I'm Freaking out!
How an I calm my Nerves?

Believe me, I understand exactly how you feel! I've been in front of the camera during a boudoir session myself, so I know those insecurities can bubble up. I completely get it – you're experiencing a mix of nerves and excitement. Here's my top advice: Take some deep breaths, avoid over-analyzing yourself in the mirror, and trust me – together, we'll create pure magic!

Once your hair and makeup session begins, you'll notice yourself starting to relax. It'll feel like spending time with one of your close girlfriends, and I assure you, we'll have an incredible time filled with laughter and joy! So, let go of any worries, and let's capture some truly amazing moments together!

I don't know what to do

Rest assured, my instructions are incredibly easy to follow, and I'll guide you meticulously from your facial expressions down to the positioning of your fingers. You won't hear any vague directions like "look sexy" or "work the camera" from me – that's not my style. My role is to support you through the entire process, being there by your side every step of the way. I'll even mirror the poses for you, so you'll see me posing alongside you. If I can do it, trust me, you can too!

Keep in mind that some of these poses might feel unusual for most women, so don't be surprised if you experience a little soreness afterward – but don't worry, it's all part of the fun! Let's make some stunning images together!

Who will be present during my session?

Can I bring someone with me?

Upon arriving at the studio, you'll be warmly greeted by Zambi! Some clients worry that having a friend present might alter the experience and hinder them from fully embracing the moment. However, we respect your preferences entirely. If you wish to bring a special friend to the shoot, we're perfectly okay with that! Having a good friend by your side can make the experience even more enjoyable.

For your comfort and to maintain the element of surprise, we kindly request that your significant other does not stay for the photography session. We want them to be amazed by the final results, not witness the magic unfolding. Of course, this doesn't apply to couples' sessions where both partners will be part of the shoot!

What type of products do you have?

We offer a delightful array of gorgeous products that will leave you absolutely captivated once you see your stunning boudoir images. Among our offerings, the highly sought-after Albums take the top spot, cherished by 99.99% of our clients. They allow you to relish your images anytime, offering a cherished keepsake of your empowering experience.

Following closely are our Digital Images, a hot favorite for their convenience in accessing your beautiful pictures whenever you desire. For those who relish seeing their favorite photo daily, our Metal Art pieces are perfect – a wonderful reminder of the incredible feelings you experienced during the session.

Additionally, we have some other playful and fun products like the Peepshow, Acrylic Print, and Calendar, ideal as gifts for your partner or even yourself! Don't worry, during your session, you'll have the opportunity to explore and interact with all these items, so you'll effortlessly find the perfect product to cherish and love.

Do you have payment plans?

Absolutely! We gladly accept all major credit/debit cards for payment.

To make things even more enticing, we offer a generous 5% discount for any cash payments made before your ordering appointment. Additionally, we have convenient in-house payment plans available. Please note that there is a 10% service fee for in-house payment plans, and the plan requires a minimum of 20% of the overall total for the first payment. The duration of the payment plan will not exceed 6 months.

Many of our clients have found it beneficial to explore financing options like Affirm, and PayPal, or even consider opening a no-interest credit card for their boudoir investment. These options allow you to finance more for an extended period without incurring interest.

As our work is digital and custom in nature, we must inform you that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Rest assured, we'll work diligently to ensure your satisfaction and create a truly personalized experience you'll cherish.